June 7, 2016


Collision Book 1 Cover

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What if the spirit world was rampant with technology sophisticated beyond anything mankind has imagined?
What if a sociopath got his hands on a powerful piece of this technology?
What if you couldn’t die no matter how much damage your body sustained?

Join a reluctant hero on his quest to discover what the heck he should do with his time now that he has unlimited power and the world as he knew it collides with the “unseen” world. Will demon-possessed biomechanical monsters kill everyone? Will there be enough coffee to last through to the end of the world? Will that play into our hero’s decision whether or not to bother saving it? These are questions we’ve all wondered about. Explore these and other important philosophical questions as you follow the adventure that was contrived to do just that.

On a more serous note:
The Collision series offers a technological explanation for the supernatural. Human psychology, questions of life and death, and the nature of the supernatural play a critical role in the story of a man who becomes aware of the technology used by beings existing in higher modes of reality. The story is filled with humorous situations and comments, fantasy machines, and philosophical discussion. The target audience is young adult to adult. The book does include some supernatural horror and some violence.